We specialize in providing unique recovery treatments and/or training for clients. We are Charlotte’s premier location for sports recovery sessions where you can find techniques from sports massage, muscle testing, and fascial stretch therapy. Regardless of activity level, clients can expect to receive unparalleled service. We aim to do one thing….UNLEASH your FULL POTENTIAL.


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Sports Massage Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Each persons body is uniquely made. When the body is held to optimal health through proper nutrition, physical training, and maintenance, a person’s full potential can be UNLEASHED.
Here at AboveTouch Anatomy Works, I pride myself in providing my clients exceptional treatment and/or training. From scar tissue scraping, muscle testing, to sports stretching, I utilize a focused approach to addressing my client’s needs.
I’m a firm believer in Assessing, Treating, and Reassessing the client. Client education is key. Those two ideas form the backbone of my approach to helping people reach their potential.

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I've been a competitive bodybuilder for 6 years and have seen numerous massage therapists for my chronic back pain and poor hip mobility. D, in one session, alleviated my back pain more so than any other therapist could have done in 4 sessions. Because of my limited hip mobility, I was limited on on the exercises I could do in the gym. This was severely affecting my progress. His therapy has helped me so much, that I am able to do things in the gym that I haven't been able to do in years. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from an injury or to anyone looking at improving their athletic performance.




Well this man alleviated my leg pain prior to my half Ironman and had me back to walking straight 20 minutes after the event was over! The active release therapy was so beneficial that day and I sought DeKarus' assistance after the race to find the right therapist locally (Charlotte being a commute from Florida and all)...thank you thank you...may you have a long, blessed career helping many people walk straight again!

Ric Johnsen

Ric Johnsen

11 time Ironman Finisher

I injured myself after the 2013 Boston Marathon and I have struggled with my triathlon run segment since that time. After 3 months of working with DeKarus (ā€œDā€), I turned in my fastest Ironman marathon that I have run in the past 6 years. I attribute the improvement to the stretching and cupping work that I received in preparation for the race. D really helped me re-gain the flexibility in my hips that allowed me to maintain my form and pace through the race. After that break through, I have continued to work with D as part of training and recovery programs.ā€