Just some of the many services offered at AboveTouch Anatomy Works. Contact for additional information and specials.


Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massage allows our client to choose between a deep tissue or swedish massage. This session can be used to relax and flush tissue with swedish massage strokes, resulting in an increase in circulation. Others may prefer heavier deep tissue techniques which target specific areas of tension and tightness.



A sports session is geared towards those with an active lifestyle. Sessions can range from focused work to overall maintenance. I utilize a variety of stretching formats (METs, FST, dynamic, PNF, etc.) to assist in lengthening tight areas when appropriate. Sessions can include cupping, gua sha, and muscle testing (NKT) to help identify and alleviate muscular problems within the body.



Fascial Stretch Therapy is a highly effective format of therapy focusing on decompressing joint capsules, increasing range of motion, and flexibility by restoring balance within the fascia. FST is great for all ages and athletes of all disciplines. Set it Free with FST!


  • 60 minute
  • 90 minute
  • Therapeutic Massage (Excludes Sports/FST)
  • Therapeutic Massage (Excludes Sports/FST)
  • $90
  • $130

Sports Massage/ Fascial Stretch Therapy

  • 60 minute
  • 90 minute
  • Session
  • Session
  • $125
  • $170

Express FST

  • 30 minute
  • 60 minute
  • Session
  • Session
  • $55
  • $95



Kinesio-taping, Personal Training

The Kinesio Taping Method is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. It is used to successfully treat a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and medical conditions.

Kinesio Tex Tape is used to re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce pain, optimize performance, prevent injury, and promote improved circulation and healing.



The primary goal of any personal trainer should be the safety of the client and then designing a program that meets the clients needs. Whatever athletic level you’re at, I’ll provide one on one instruction to help meet your athletic goals. With proper guidance, personal goals of increased athletic performance, aesthetics, or just general conditioning can be achieved.

Sports Recovery Solutions Membership


Our monthly membership is designed to provide clients with consistent bodywork. As a member, you’ll have the luxury of breaking up 90 minutes of therapy each month in two options:

  • 1- 60 minute FST session & 1-30 minute FST session
  • 3- 30 minute Express FST sessions

Other benefits include the ability to upgrade to a 60 minute deep tissue massage* and the ability to transfer a session to a friend. This program is perfect for those with large training volume/frequency, those sedentary from work, and those looking to generally move better.